Why Software Verification?

Automated software verification helps you get started with UTM software certification journey. Software Verification can help you "self-certify" compliance to published UTM standards.

  • Check compliance of your codebase to published UTM standards as they and your software codebase evolves.

  • Build "self-certification" capabilities that should help you certification / qualification processes with Civil Aviation Authorities.

  • Develop robust software quality and root cause analysis for errors and bugs

Your Instructor

Hrishikesh Ballal

Dr. Hrishikesh Ballal is the founder / Primary technical lead to well established open-source projects / communities in the context of unmanned aviation: Flight Blender, Flight Spotlight and Aerobridge. He has extensive experience in the field of UTM research, implementation and roll-out of National UTM programs. You can find out more about him at: www.hrishikeshballal.net

Course curriculum

    1. Key Terminology

    2. The Verification Process

    1. Test Interface API

    2. Reference Implementation - Flight Blender

    1. Setting up Test configuration

    2. Running the tests

    1. Review Test Report

    2. Report with errors

    3. Fix Errors and re-run the test

    1. Final Thoughts

    2. Showcase


Course Details

  • $500.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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